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  • OST to PST Converter

    OST to PST email conversion application is the most authentic program, which performs conversion of inaccessible MS Outlook OST email files into PST format of MS Outlook, making the email file usable. A reliable and user-friendly interface is provided to the clients for best usability.

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  • EDB to PST Converter

    An EDB to PST email conversion application is the preeminent program, which speedily performs conversion of inaccessible MS Exchange email files to PST format. A demo of the application is also provided to the clients for better understanding and usability.

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  • Digital Media Recovery

    Restore your accidental deleted memories with Quick Recovery's Digital Media recovery software. This cost-effective tool provides complete result of recovery outcome within short span of time. Windows 8 platform is effectively supported by this tool.

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  • Windows Data Recovery

    A Windows data recovery tool helps in rescuing all types of files from Windows Platform. This software judiciously supports all the versions of Windows 8 and also provides an interactive interface to all the clients.

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  1. I have accidentally deleted the data from my OS, is it possible to recover it back and how?

Yes, it is very much possible for the software to rescue the files back. As when we deleted our files, the imaginary existence of the file is lost and the space is cleared. However, the file still exists on your PC. When we initiate a recovery tool on the computer that hidden path is rejuvenated again, eventually leading to data recovery.


  1. What is the role of email conversion software?

Well, the prime and only role of an email conversion software is to perform manifestation/ migration of inaccessible emails to accessible usable email format files.


  1. How to trust a demo edition?

Well, to trust the software functionality, you have to trust the demo file. The demo works exactly the same like of the tool. But the demo does not comprise the power of restoring the rescued data.


  1. What are the steps to execute a Windows 8 data recovery software?

To execute a Windows 8 data recovery software, one should:


  1. Usability of this tool does not require a professional? Is it true!

Well, the user-friendly mechanism offered by this software keeps the user at ease and helps the client to perform the task very speedily and swiftly.


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